Join us on Thursday, September 15 to celebrate this year's Unicorn & Centurion Canadian companies. 

This invitation only event is the social event of the year for Canadian tech founders, investors, influencers & ecosystem builders, along with select US VC’s & media.  


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Thursday, September 15 @ 8pm
Residence of Razor & Kari Suleman

King West, Toronto

Centurions ($100M+ exits) 

Unicorns ($1B+ valuations and exits)

based on public numbers as of August 1, 2014 to July 31st, 2015. 

While building Achievers, I’ve had the unique opportunity to spend 7 years in San Francisco, Boston & New York. I experienced what ingredients are essential from witnessing game changing companies south of the border.
Now, more than any other time in history, Canadian entrepreneurs have access to capital, startup talent and the ability to reach customers around the globe. Join me in celebrating the accomplishments of eight extraordinary companies that have redefined their industries and brought pride to the Canadian tech ecosystem.   
— Razor Suleman, Founder Spotlight Awards


John Stackhouse, Mc

This year's Spotlight Awards is hosted by John Stackhouse, Senior Vice-President, Office of the CEO at RBC, Canada's largest publicly traded company. Prior to this role, he served as Editor-in-Chief of The Globe and Mail for five years. 

A noted speaker, moderator, and writer on national affairs, with a focus on Canada's role in the world. Has interviewed Vladimir Putin, Kofi Annan, George W. Bush, the Aga Khan, Al Gore, Alan Greenspan, Manmohan Singh, Bono, and Benazir Bhutto, among others.

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